We arrived in one piece on Sunday night but sleep deprived for around 48 hours.  Nobody can sleep on a plane or in an airport.  We were greeted with a thunderous welcome with everything short of a brass band.  The orphans are ecstatic to see us because they know that we bear sundry goodies for them.  Shane and Derek went into town and bought them a portable basketball goal & basketball, and they are obsessed with the thing now.

The conference is going well.  The pastors are very receptive to us and to our teachings.  Babu is quite pleased so far.

Derek and Shane have had a good dose of India-style poverty.  They can scarcely believe what they are seeing along these remote roads, that is, the thatched huts many of them live in on the roadside.  Forget running water or electricity.  What’s that?

Keep the faith over there;

In Jesus, RM