Brandywine Christian Fellowship is a local assembly which meets smack in the middle of Coatesville, PA, an old steel town from the days of World War II.  Here, the pastors and churches pretty much stick together.  There is no hostility between different ministries, and the pastors meet regularly in town on Tuesdays at noon to pray for our churches and the area.  At BCF we are in tune with the needs of the local community.  However, we are also a very missions-minded church. 
  • We actively support Orphans’ Faith Home in the city of Machilipatnam, India.  This Christ-centered work was started by Bishop G.P. Babu in 1972 with a tent, his wife, and two orphans.  From there it has grown into an impressive compound which is able to feed, house, and educate 250 orphan children.  The children are also brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  • We support People in Need Ministries in the village of Guduru, India. This is a smaller version of Orphans’ Faith Home started by Gideon Yathirijam, an exemplary man of God.
  • We support Touch of Christ Ministries, an outreach of ex-Shi’ite Iranian Muslims who have been turned into soldiers for Jesus Christ.  These aggressive warriors pass out Bibles, “Life of Christ” DVDs, and other Christian literature on the streets of larger cities in Iran, a very dangerous undertaking.  Several have been arrested and imprisoned.  We support their impressive printing enterprise, which operates in secret locations in Iran, churning out Bibles in Farsi.  We also support their network of “safe houses”, a string of secret refuges for battered Christian women who have left their abusive, angry, Christ-hating husbands for Jesus and need a place to rest and to grow in the Lord without getting beaten up.
In short, we believe that one reason God has allowed the American economy to prosper is for the Christians to get their eyes opened and support overseas missions, most of which depend on American dollars.  Remember the words of the Master in the Parable of the Unrighteous Steward: “Give an account of thy stewardship” (Luke 16:2).  We at BCF believe that all of us will hear those words on the other side.