There are many excellent churches in the Chester County area. Since the New Testament insists upon active membership in a local church for the believer (Heb. 10:25; I Cor. 12:18), finding the one that clicks with you may take time and effort, but you will be rewarded once you find what you’re looking for. A church home will help satisfy many of your innermost needs in life! We suggest six reasons why you should visit Brandywine Christian Fellowship.

 1) Your First Step to a Fresh Start

Many Americans yearn for a fresh start in life – a chance to start over, meet new friends, and be accepted. Brandywine provides such a place within a Christian framework. Perhaps you attended church in the past but have gotten out of the habit over the years. If now is the time for you to jump back in, Brandywine is ready to assist you in that fresh start. Remember that, as 1 Peter 2:3 suggests, you can taste and see that the Lord is gracious – not only to new Christians but to AWOL Christians making a fresh start.

 2) Our Members

Our people are a closely-knit bunch with hearts wide open to new members. We understand that the church should be a haven for the sinner rather than a museum for the saint. We take seriously the biblical admonition to love one another fervently with a pure heart (I Peter 1:22), and we stress the fellowship and relationships growing out of that love. Also, at Brandywine we consider welcoming our visitors as one of our top priorities.

 3) Our Message

The overall message at Brandywine is that the Bible has a striking relevance to life in the 21st century. Our pastor teaches the Bible in such a way as to unlock the truths in both the Old and the New Testament which guide the modern day believer. When you visit Brandywine, you will hear a dynamic message designed to illustrate that, though the prophets have been dead for hundreds of years, their message still rings true.

4) Our Music

The music at Brandywine is designed to glorify Jesus. We balance the contemporary with the traditional. Our style and format are basically contemporary, but our posture and attitude are reverential and traditional. Accordingly, we studiously avoid rock & roll or rap music that is plastered over with Christian lyrics. We feel that this dishonors the very Lord who redeemed us from such activity.

5) Our Mood

At Brandywine our mood is casual and relaxed, not formal and stiff. Since there is no dress code, you may come as you are. We require neither suits for the men, nor evening dresses for the ladies. Since the Lord looks on the heart (I Samuel 16:7), we try not to look on the clothes. God forbid that the worship service evolve into a fashion show!

6) Our Mainstay

We are absolutely unashamed about proclaiming the mainstay of our existence as a body of believers – God’s Word. We learn it, live it, and love it. We hold its bedrock truths to be non-negotiable. However, since we recognize the impossibility of unanimity on all points of doctrine, we treat our sister churches with understanding where they disagree with us on peripheral points of doctrine. In gray areas of doctrinal understanding we maintain that we do not have to be twins to be brothers and sisters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our pastor, Dr. Rick McGovern. You can reach Pastor Rick at (610) 466-ROCK. Our Location 19399 S. Fitzmorris Road, Covington, 70435