As everybody in America knows by now, the U.S. economy is exploding forth, and much wealth is being created.  Yet, America continues to drown in sin:  marriage has been redefined, gender is now optional, atheism is very much on the march, sex slave trafficking is everywhere, and what was considered objectionable, if not unthinkable, only 30 years ago is now the norm.  So, why is God allowing our country to prosper to such an amazing degree?  Two reasons:  1) We now have an administration that is very Israel and Jerusalem friendly, which ipso facto places it on God’s good side, and 2) America leads the world in underwriting foreign Christian missions.  Just consider all the Christian run orphanages throughout the world, one small piece of that pie.  Their life-blood is American dollars.  Then consider all the single Christian missionaries who labor anonymously and are not connected with any high profile outfit.  Almost all of their income comes from Christians in America.  At Brandywine Christian Fellowship we issue some sound advice to all interested parties.  Are you in favor of incentivizing God to continue to bless us, despite the amount of light we sin against nationally?  Then increase your missions giving.  Begin to support a hungry child overseas.  Find some low profile Christian outfit that checks out and begin to underwrite it.  Give God a reason to allow this unbounded surge to continue.  The Lord is vitally interested in the advancement of His kingdom.  Let’s all get on board while the economy is hot.  One thing about opportunity:  it’s temporary.
Rick McGovern