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  • Dr. Rick McGovern Senior Pastor
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  • Brandywine Christian Fellowship
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  • Dr. Rick McGovern
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Welcome to Brandywine Christian Fellowship. A non-denominational, independent church whose anchor is the Bible.
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“Give an account of thy stewardship” (Luke 16:2)

Brandywine Christian Fellowship is a local assembly which meets smack in the middle of Coatesville, PA, an old steel town from the days of World War II.  Here, the pastors and churches pretty much stick together.  There is no hostility between different ministries, and the pastors meet regularly in town on Tuesdays at noon to pray for […]

Worst Winter Yet

This has been the worst winter I have ever spent up here, no question about it.  Presently, 575,000 people in SE Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are without power due to a massive ice storm last night.  Trees are down everywhere. They hope to restore the power by the weekend (This only Wednesday). That means that everybody’s inside […]

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