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Welcome to Brandywine Christian Fellowship. A non-denominational, independent church whose anchor is the Bible.
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A Second Chance

Pastor Rick gives reference to Captain Jerry Ponson and his incredible testimony in this message. Here is a link to a video where the Captain shares his story first hand.  Don’t forget to listen to the audio message after you watch the video. Both are posted here.Enjoy.

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Lessons From India 2017

Now that we have recovered physically from our journey to SE India, we are still trying to recover emotionally.  It is difficult for an American to process some of the things we have seen.  For openers, India is one of the most unsanitary countries on earth.  Basic hygiene is virtually ignored.  The men urinate on […]

India 2017

We arrived in one piece on Sunday night but sleep deprived for around 48 hours.  Nobody can sleep on a plane or in an airport.  We were greeted with a thunderous welcome with everything short of a brass band.  The orphans are ecstatic to see us because they know that we bear sundry goodies for them.  Shane […]

“The God of Second Chances”

A recent message entitled, “Second Chance” prompted me to post another video of our friend Jerry Ponson as he shares his incredible story of how God saved him from drowning and revealed Jesus to him all in the same day. This is truly and undeniable God story. Please watch this and tell others to do […]

Orphanage director from India makes appeal in New Orleans

Bishop G. Parishuda Babu Gadelli, known as Bishop Babu, the founder and overseer of Orphans’ Faith Home in Machilipatnam, India, recently visited churches in the New Orleans area.  The Rev. David Rodriguez, pastor of the Christian Fellowship Church, together with Richard McGovern, pastor of Brandywine  Christian Fellowship Church, Coatsville, Pa., visited the orphanage in previous years.  In addition to money, they […]

“Give an account of thy stewardship” (Luke 16:2)

Brandywine Christian Fellowship is a local assembly which meets smack in the middle of Coatesville, PA, an old steel town from the days of World War II.  Here, the pastors and churches pretty much stick together.  There is no hostility between different ministries, and the pastors meet regularly in town on Tuesdays at noon to pray for […]

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